Hang Gliding

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Pilot Forgets to Attach Tourist to Hang Glider

Am 27.11.2018 veröffentlicht A tourist in Switzerland went on a hang glider for the first time and was forced to hold on for dear life after realizing he wasn’t strapped in. Just a second after takeoff from a 4,000-foot mountain top, Chris Gursky realized he was not attached and spent more than two minutes clinging… Read more »

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E-Help tutorial how to fly electric hangglider

Am 27.03.2018 veröffentlicht Optimal use of the small 0,5 kWh E-Help Student system. Flying techniques on a small XC flight in conditions when regular flying where marginal. A 2 hour and 40 min flight 65 km distance. Kategorie Wissenschaft & Technik WENIGER ANZEIGEN

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Hang gliding training day1 and 2

Am 29.01.2015 veröffentlicht Training with Lennox from Big Sky hang gliding in Cape Town, amazing time. Kategorie Sport

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Simple Progression for Teaching Hang Gliding

Am 22.02.2015 veröffentlicht This is a 5-min video FOR INSTRUCTORS that breaks an intro lesson into it’s most basic parts, and stresses that teaching needs to be a progression of smaller steps, guided in accordance with the fundamentals of instruction. We can not teach someone to launch if they struggle with picking up the glider,… Read more »

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Hang Gliding

Am 29.10.2009 veröffentlicht To View the Next Video in this Series Please Click Here: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/15486-h… Kategorie Praktische Tipps & Styling

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Hang Gliding With The GoPro 3D

All shot with the GoPro 3D Hero as a little bonus footage for Dreaming Awake – http://www.dreamingawakemovie.com Follow me on twitter @designbydave