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Yves Rossy: Fliegen mit dem Jetman

Am 15.11.2011 veröffentlicht An einen Jet-getriebenen Flügel geschnallt, ist Yves Rossy der Jetman — fliegt frei, mit seinem Körper als Ruder, über den schweizer Alpen und dem Grand Canyon. Nach einem kurzen Film darüber wie das funktioniert, kommt Rossy auf die TEDGlobal Bühne und spricht über das Erlebnis und den Nervenkitzel des Fliegens. Kategorie Wissenschaft… Read more »

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Dream Lines IV – Wingsuit proximity by Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer

Am 25.01.2013 veröffentlicht Please like my page to follow my films:… Dream Lines IV is a film that presents some of the top flyers in the sport of wingsuit proximity flying. Dream Lines is a collection of the best lines from 2012. Flying undiscovered lines in France and Switzerland. Edit: Jokke Sommer Additional edit… Read more »

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Wingsuit [best moments] HD

Am 29.05.2013 veröffentlicht New video – SirensCeol – Coming Home (Original Mix) Kategorie Sport Quellvideos Quellenangaben anzeigen Vorschlag von Xtreme Video SAS Dream Lines IV – Wingsuit proximity by Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer

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The Birthplace of Extreme | Miles Above: S2E2

Am 21.09.2016 veröffentlicht ► Watch the next episode HERE: The birthplace of all things extreme, Chamonix, France, is one of the world’s top spots for skydiving and BASE jumping. The Red Bull Air Force jets over to fly in the Alps, and some pilots stare down their own fears in search of the ultimate… Read more »

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Wingsuit Flying Off The Troll Wall | Jokke’s Adventures Part 1

Am 21.09.2018 veröffentlicht Experience Norway from Jokke Sommer’s point of view. The wingsuit flyer takes you on a journey to some of the most spectacular locations Norway has to offer; freefall wingsuit flying at The Troll Wall in The Romsdal Alps – the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, paragliding in beautiful Lofoten under the… Read more »

Best Of Wingsuit Flying – People Are Awesome 2017

Am 17.01.2017 veröffentlicht If you enjoyed this video SUBSCRIBE so you won’t miss any 😉 CREDITS BELOW • Credits • …LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!… BEST OF F A S T Wingsuit and Base Jumping / Brazil #GOPRO… Wingsuit [best moments] HD… What Is Your Greatest Fear? – Wingsuit Proximity –… Read more »

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Wingsuit Flying Formation in “The Crack” | Miles Above 3.0

Am 10.12.2018 veröffentlicht Wingsuit flying like you’ve never seen before. Witness as the crew jump and fly “The Crack”, an iconic sub terrain BASE jumping location. ► Watch Season 3, Episode 1 here:… Continuing his tour of the Swiss Alps, Scotty Bob Morgan is building to a big finish. At Walenstadt, he joins skydivers… Read more »

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Wingsuit terain flying 2018 part1 The art of falling

Am 23.08.2018 veröffentlicht Kategorie Menschen & Blogs Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel Safe In The Sky (Original Mix) Künstler Lee Osborne Album Vocal Trance 2015, Vol. 2 Lizenziert an YouTube durch Label Worx (im Auftrag von Essential Dance); Sony ATV Publishing und 7 musikalische Verwertungsgesellschaften Titel Hold On To… Read more »

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Wingsuit Extreme sport 2018

Am 21.01.2018 veröffentlicht No words to explain what a man can do… Wingsuit Best moments and the best of wingsuit. Don’t miss “Wingsuit and Extreme Sports Crashes”… Wingsuit Extreme wingsuit extreme sport wingsuit extreme base jumping wingsuit extreme wingsuit extreme flying wingsuit extreme proximity base jump wingsuit extreme proximity wingsuit extreme hd wingsuit extreme… Read more »

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Best of Wingsuit Proximity Flying 2017 (2018)

Am 13.02.2018 veröffentlicht Collection of wingsuit proximity flying during 2016, 2017, 2018. Please follow me for more films and wingsuit projects. Main Wingsuit pilots attending: Scotty Nice, Wes Burrows. Scotty Nice YouTube:… Additional footage: Nicole Schafer, Simon, Elif Koyuturk, Craig Wallace. Music from the YouTube Library. Footage recorded in Switzerland… Read more »