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AcrO Paramotor / Gopro HD

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Para motor Racing: Parajet Paragliding with a Motor | WIRED

WIRED UK Am 06.05.2013 veröffentlicht Want to air race with a Paramotor flying machine? You don’t need a plane, a licence, insurance (though we’d recommend that one), or even any experience – just a propeller and a parachute wing. Subscribe to WIRED ►► Paramotor racers fly at speeds of 70kph, slaloming around 12-metre-high inflatable… Read more »

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Acro PPG + ACTION – LOOP on paramotor – Poland

zetglider Am 16.07.2008 veröffentlicht spiral and loop on paramotor (Szczecin, Poland) Kategorie Sport Vorschlag von UMG U2 – With Or Without You Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel Elevation Künstler U2 Lizenziert an YouTube durch UMG (im Auftrag von Mercury); LatinAutor, LatinAutor – UMPG, UBEM, UMPG Publishing, CMRRA, ASCAP,… Read more »

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Paramotor vs Wingsuit – Parabatix Sky Racers & Skydive Dubai

Parabatix Sky Racers Am 05.12.2013 veröffentlicht The Parabatix Sky Racers meet up with Soul Flyers Vince Reiffet & Skydive Dubai team for some awesome paramotor vs wingsuit action. Check out out this incredible stunt! Filmed & Edited by: Indasky Productions Kategorie Sport Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel… Read more »

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Paramotor Puddle Jumping

MtnHyphee Am 30.01.2012 veröffentlicht More paramotor / powered paragliding action from Washoe Valley, Nevada. Powered by the Flat Top 120 and lifted by the versatile Sky Cima K2; video filmed with Go Pro HD and soundtrack by Ulrich Schnauss: Monday – Paracetamol Kategorie Wissenschaft & Technik Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium… Read more »

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Paramotor- Kitesurf Action in NZ

Dominik Zimmermann Am 10.03.2008 veröffentlicht Early 2008 in Raglan, New Zealand, an internationally renowned surf spot, two athletes at the top of their disciplines met and performed in harmony on the sand, water and air. Kategorie Sport

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Dell Schanze Am 18.02.2008 veröffentlicht ( FLAT TOP PARAMOTOR) Paramotor clips are slowed down so you can see exactly what the pilot is doing. Powered Skydiving is the power sport for the 21st century. Expert paragliding pilot getting into paramotoring make for some extreme action. The Flat Top from Revolution Paramotors, S-Trike from U-Turn USA… Read more »

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Paramotor Action GT, Powerplay, Apco HP Lunteren

Vriesair Am 03.01.2009 veröffentlicht Action GT, Apco Thrust HP, Powerplay Lunteren Test: Welke is het eerste weg, de GT Kategorie Sport Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel Concerto For Horn & Orchestra No. 1 In D Major: Rondo: Allegro (Edit) Künstler Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Album Point Classics: Essential Classics… Read more »

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Paramotor Lands On Boat!! Powered Paragliding Precision Flying Extreme Fun Action!!

Dell Schanze Am 20.05.2018 veröffentlicht 800-707-2525 paramotor powered paragliding boat landing extreme fun precision flying. The skill it takes to kite up a pole is the exactly the same skill it takes for any type of precision flying. Controlling your exact position in 3D space is incredibly important when flying an aircraft and it’s something… Read more »