Simple Progression for Teaching Hang Gliding


Am 22.02.2015 veröffentlicht
This is a 5-min video FOR INSTRUCTORS that breaks an intro lesson into it’s most basic parts, and stresses that teaching needs to be a progression of smaller steps, guided in accordance with the fundamentals of instruction. We can not teach someone to launch if they struggle with picking up the glider, and we can’t put them in the air until we’ve taught them how to land first. The end goal is creating that ‘Eureka’ moment and hooking the student on hang gliding… and we do this by ensuring their first flights are a hugely positive and fun experience. Regarding the technical content of this lesson, I understand different schools might follow a slightly different progression depending on the syllabus or training facilities available to them (such as teaching wheel landings to start out). This video is an example of A PROGRESSION, not “THE” progression (this is what has worked best for the Voights). The key is the WAY it’s taught- progression, clear & simple cues, and with an emphasis on the things that bring people back. We as a whole can’t afford to lose any potential pilots! At face value this video provides new instructors with an excellent ‘canned’ intro lesson. Going deeper for more experienced instructors, the video stresses and demonstrates a lot of the complexities of instruction, be it an intro hang gliding lesson or anything else- taking something complex and delivering it in simple and straightforward, piece by piece steps.