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THÉO DE BLIC’S TUTORIALS S03E01 : WING OVER Theo de blic 20.800 Abonnenten Théo de Blic’s tutorials is a free web serie where I give a few usefull tips on various aspect of paragliding. The tips I give are coming from an already long career as a professional pilot in acro paragliding. In today’s episode… Read more »

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Paragliding Rescue Motorboat

Paragliding SIV in Poland with EXTREME paragliding school. Mat. 157 Abonnenten Paragliding SIV in Poland with EXTREME paragliding school. Treningi Bezpieczeństwa SIV w Polsce – Szkoła Latania EXTREME. Clip production / produkcja: More / więcej: Happy SIV – Dream of Flight – Nemo XX SAT – Tandem Spin and SAT… Read more »

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Wingovers by OZONE

How to do wingovers?

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Learning Wing-Over and SAT – Instructional Acro Tandem Flight with Pal Takats Acro tandem coaching with the special double brake system – the safest and most effective way to learn maneuvers with a paraglider! The instructor gives live, in-flight commands to the student and only touches the brakes to help him to get the right “feeling” or to stabilize the glider.

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wing over

Wing Over

Eine Stilstudie eines Wing Overs! Wegen seinen kurzen Leinen ist das Erfliegen von runden und hohen Wing Over mit diesem Schirm recht komplex. Man beachte den Körpereinsatz der primär zur sauberen Belastung der Flügelhälften eingesetzt wird und nur in der ersten Phase nach dem oberen Totpunkt für die Erzeugung von Rollmomenten eingesetzt wird. Mittels der… Read more »

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Wingovers Paragliding tips

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Inversions a.k.a. WIng Overs (Tutorial) + Beginner Analysis | Max Martini

Just sharing some ideas… my wingovers are by far not perfect, please share your experience! †Jesus Christ is King† » »Instagram @Max.ini Wings: U-turn RedOut 19 and Speedmaster2 Rocket (12 m2) Harness: Supair Acro3, U-turn Spirit Camera: Gopro Hero 5, Canon T5i 18-55mm and 55-250 kit lenses Business »