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Chrigel & Michael Maurer [Eng-Subs!] SlowTV PG XC 2015

Bill Hetzel Am 16.09.2015 veröffentlicht English subtitles are up! Click the [cc] button to watch with subs. Thanks to everyone that helped with this project! Please message me with any corrections or missing subtitles, which I will attempt to fix in a future edition of the subtitles. Message here: https://www.youtube.com/user/billhetz… and the [Send Message] button… Read more »

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How Cross Country works – Paraglider Game Part 2 – BANDARRA

Andre Bandarra Am 23.02.2018 veröffentlicht The response to the previous video has been immense, thank you everyone for the suggestions and support! On this video I thought I’d show you where we are so far with the game. First I explain the concepts of horizontal and vertical speed on a glider and glide ration and… Read more »

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Streckenflug vom Hochfelln, Paragliding xc-flight

oRaumfahrer Am 28.04.2011 veröffentlicht Genialer Streckenflugtag am 19.04.2011, die erste Teilstrecke: Start am Hochfelln, weiter über Hörndlwand, Dürnbachhorn, Steinplatte. Kategorie Sport Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel 5Th and Avenida Künstler Afterlife Album Simplicity 2000 Lizenziert an YouTube durch The Orchard Music (im Auftrag von Subatomic UK); ASCAP und… Read more »

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HOW TO WINCH PARAGLIDERS part 1 – paragliding xc – paragliding lessons

Paragliding – Clive Am 18.05.2014 veröffentlicht Winching is a safe and effective way of getting paragliders in the sky. It is important to have well trained drivers. Paragliding becomes even better and safer when the drivers are experienced and know what to do. They must understand glider dynamics and winching. In this first video, I… Read more »

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Bassano XC Camp – Streckenflug Training mit dem Gleitschirm

Paragliding Academy Am 11.04.2018 veröffentlicht Bassano XC Tigerenten Club – Gute Flüge trotz schlechtem Wetter, yuhuu https://www.paragliding-academy.com/g… Kategorie Sport

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THERMIK 2018 – Ferdinand Vogel – Der erste Streckenflug – For beginners only!

THERMIK-MESSE Am 23.01.2018 veröffentlicht Kategorie Menschen & Blogs