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HOW TO WINCH PARAGLIDERS part 1 – paragliding xc – paragliding lessons

Paragliding – Clive Am 18.05.2014 veröffentlicht Winching is a safe and effective way of getting paragliders in the sky. It is important to have well trained drivers. Paragliding becomes even better and safer when the drivers are experienced and know what to do. They must understand glider dynamics and winching. In this first video, I… Read more »

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Wingsuit Flying Off The Troll Wall | Jokke’s Adventures Part 1

Am 21.09.2018 veröffentlicht Experience Norway from Jokke Sommer’s point of view. The wingsuit flyer takes you on a journey to some of the most spectacular locations Norway has to offer; freefall wingsuit flying at The Troll Wall in The Romsdal Alps – the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, paragliding in beautiful Lofoten under the… Read more »