Lake Garda

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SIV course with Pal Takats. Full stall, backfly. Paragliding Lake Garda, Italy. Ozone Rush 4.

tineove Am 10.12.2015 veröffentlicht Full stall to back fly at Lake Garda. Instructed by Pal Takats. My absolute best controlled full stall 🙂 Kategorie Sport

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Deep spiral practice at Lake Garda Italy – Ozone Rush4

tineove Am 14.10.2015 veröffentlicht Practice at Lake Garda. Deep spiral instructed by Pal Takats. Kategorie Sport

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SIV, Full Stall guided by Pal Takats – Paragliding Lake Garda, Italy – Ozone Rush4

Am 25.09.2015 veröffentlicht My first Full Stall. Guided by Pal Takats at Lake Garda. One tandem flight, then my solo wing. Not that good first stall 🙂 Kategorie Sport