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Paragliding takeoff

Raj Batolar Am 25.10.2016 veröffentlicht Paragliding takeoff Kategorie Menschen & Blogs

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Paragliding from Darjeeling – Priyankar

Am 26.10.2014 veröffentlicht This video was shot on a GoPro :- How would you feel if you are asked to run at your top speed and jump off a cliff at an altitude of 8200 feet? Would you take the leap of faith? I did and got the reward.Paragliding is not for those weak… Read more »

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Paragliding at Bir Billing

Am 24.07.2017 veröffentlicht Himachal’s Bir Biling Is The World’s 2nd Best and Highest Paragliding Site. For years, paragliding in India had not been a popular choice. However, the recent years have seen a tremendous surge in the paragliding opportunities and people looking for this wonderful adventure sport that allows humans to live their most longing… Read more »