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Ozone Rapi-Dos

RAPI-DOS Available in sizes from 8m to 15m Wider glide range thanks to new trim system and new profile Higher speed across entire trim range Better stability at low AoA More ergonomic trim system Improved swoop performance Easy launch, great flare Effective rear riser control The Rapi-Dos is our highest performance speed wing designed for… Read more »

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Man Takes Flight With Custom Built Bird Wings

b/60 Am 22.03.2012 veröffentlicht A Dutch mechanical engineer is thrilled his custom-built bird wings achieved his dream of taking flight. After working on the human-bird wings for eight months, Jarno Smeets is making history and causing a viral controversy since there are skeptics who say the video of him flying is fake. Maureen Aladin has… Read more »

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THESE FIRST FLYING FAILS HAVE CHANGED THE HISTORY | Early flying attempts | Flying fails

Worth sharing videos Am 17.08.2017 veröffentlicht Humans were always curious to know new things. Things that changed the way we live, travel and explore. One such curiosity was flying. Man always look up at birds and find possibilities to fly in sky. The supersonic planes we see today have come a long way. Respect to… Read more »

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I MADE IT FLY!! (This is crazy)

The Atwoods Am 18.05.2017 veröffentlicht I MADE IT FLY!! | Subscribe: Yesterdays Vlog:… Today I attempted to build a Remote control flying truck! I think it was very successful haha. Thank you so much for supporting this channel Follow Roman Atwood: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SnapChat: Roman’s Prank Channel:… Read more »

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Tandem Helicopter

Calin Popa Am 29.07.2011 veröffentlicht Tandem helicopter in Pokhara, Nepal! Fly Nepal! Kategorie Sport Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren Mit YouTube Premium werbefrei anhören Titel Where Do You Think You’re Going? (The Demos, 1978) Künstler Dire Straits Album The Demos Lizenziert an YouTube durch

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paragliding acro basics training helicopter – Blackout Plus

Christoph Petzinger Am 18.11.2018 veröffentlicht Flying my new glider U-Turn Blackout Plus 20. One of the last training runs october 2018 lake garda. training helicopter, playing around with the inner break and improving wingtip pressure. Kategorie Menschen & Blogs

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2012-04 Meduno Rolf fliegt / sitzt aktiv Gleitschirm

Rolf Hübner Am 14.05.2012 veröffentlicht Zwei Gleitschirmflüge vom Monte Valinis bei Meduno in Italien. Leider kam ich bei beiden Flügen nicht richtig zum Sitzen in mein Gurtzeug…. Kategorie Sport

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PPG the Tuolumne Canyon

Rex Pemberton Am 16.12.2012 veröffentlicht Flying paragliders down one of the most spectacular canyon landscapes in North America Exploring the 2,000ft deep, Tuolumne Canyon close to Yosemite National Park CA. This video won 2nd place overall at the North Cal Free Flight Film Festival in December 2012. Kategorie Sport Musik in diesem Video Mehr erfahren… Read more »

Climbing and flying vulcano El Misti, Peru.

Climbing vulcano El Misti (5820m) in Peru. Take off form the summit and soaring above crater. 2 Kategorie Reisen Südamerika

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Wingsuit Flying Off The Troll Wall | Jokke’s Adventures Part 1

Am 21.09.2018 veröffentlicht Experience Norway from Jokke Sommer’s point of view. The wingsuit flyer takes you on a journey to some of the most spectacular locations Norway has to offer; freefall wingsuit flying at The Troll Wall in The Romsdal Alps – the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, paragliding in beautiful Lofoten under the… Read more »