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My first attempt paragliding Back Fly go wrong

Dejan Valek Am 04.05.2017 veröffentlicht Kategorie Film & Animation

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Pilot Forgets to Attach Tourist to Hang Glider

Am 27.11.2018 veröffentlicht A tourist in Switzerland went on a hang glider for the first time and was forced to hold on for dear life after realizing he wasn’t strapped in. Just a second after takeoff from a 4,000-foot mountain top, Chris Gursky realized he was not attached and spent more than two minutes clinging… Read more »

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Dynamik Fullstall Fail

Am 04.04.2013 veröffentlicht this will happen if you dont give your dynamik free! i just pullt really a lot to hard! and made a backflip! Glider is a AirG Emilie 17 Kategorie Sport