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I MADE IT FLY!! (This is crazy)

The Atwoods Am 18.05.2017 veröffentlicht I MADE IT FLY!! | Subscribe: Yesterdays Vlog:… Today I attempted to build a Remote control flying truck! I think it was very successful haha. Thank you so much for supporting this channel Follow Roman Atwood: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SnapChat: Roman’s Prank Channel:… Read more »

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Théo de Blic’s Tutorials ep03 : Sat/Heli

Theo de blic Am 18.08.2015 veröffentlicht Théo de Blic’s tutorials is a new webserie I will be uploading every week in august, trying to give away a few tips about some tricks with my 20sqm Freestyle 3. In this week’s episode I am explaining how I do the connection between sat and heli and giving… Read more »

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Magic of Paragliding 4k 60fps – Part 1

Area28 by Gunter Kiphard Am 30.10.2017 veröffentlicht Now with the Gopro 6 my dream came true, to record with an actioncam in 4k (60 fps) while Paragliding. It is beyond compare what I’ve seen before. Video with awesome shots from one of the most beautiful Paragliding areas with English and German comment. Further Videos in… Read more »

The Free Flying Experience / A movie about Paragliding

Ce film parle de l’aventure en parapente que nous avons vécu grâce à l’équipe d’Adrénaline sur les hauteurs du Lac d’Annecy. Ce n’est pas un film promotionnel pour Adrénaline Parapente ou la marque de voiles Sup’Air, il a été réalisé de manière totalement bénévole pour le plaisir de tous et dont l’unique but est de… Read more »