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How Cross Country works – Paraglider Game Part 2 – BANDARRA

Andre Bandarra Am 23.02.2018 veröffentlicht The response to the previous video has been immense, thank you everyone for the suggestions and support! On this video I thought I’d show you where we are so far with the game. First I explain the concepts of horizontal and vertical speed on a glider and glide ration and… Read more »

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Flying at 8000m Q&A – Antoine Girard – BANDARRA

Antoine Girard has flown his paraglider to 8,150m+ soaring Broad Peak in Pakistan’s Himalayas on the 23rd of July 2016. The audience asked him some great questions following watching his 20 minute documentary film of his expedition “En vol vers les 8000”. Find out more about Antoine:… Support: Ozone Paragliders Cross… Read more »