Paramotor Lands On Boat!! Powered Paragliding Precision Flying Extreme Fun Action!!


Am 20.05.2018 veröffentlicht

800-707-2525 paramotor powered paragliding boat landing extreme fun precision flying. The skill it takes to kite up a pole is the exactly the same skill it takes for any type of precision flying. Controlling your exact position in 3D space is incredibly important when flying an aircraft and it’s something which is critical to learn during your initial training in the sport. That doesn’t mean you are going to go land on a boat but having the skill to land anywhere anytime in any conditions makes you a much more capable and a much safer pilot. To kite a paraglider on a post you have to perfectly control the loading of the glider. Too much and you get drug forwards off the pole. Not enough and you fall backwards off the pole. Then at the same time you also have to control direction perfectly as well. This is exactly the same skill it takes to prevent collapses. Without this skill you see people taking massive collapses all over youtube and it scares people away from the sport when in reality it has absolutely nothing to do with the true and real sport where people get SUPER training along with the very best gear which is the Flat Top paramotor and Dominator paraglider. ZERO people have ever died on a Flat Top paramotor so the sport is much much much safer than people think from the needless horrors you see all over the net. In order to learn true and real skill it takes 25-60 HOURS of glider control. In order to fly a paraglider like a kite for 25-60 hours you need wind and the only place in the world the wind blows all day long is at the beach. If you tried to do a training class inland you might only get 2-5 hours of glider control during the whole class but at SUPER training you can literally get upwards of 80 hours of practice and graduate with over 400 flights of experience. Do it the right way and this sport is the most incredible thing you will ever do. For more information on how you too can get up in the sky on the funnest and safest backpack aircraft ever invented just contact the global distributor at: 800-707-2525 801-631-1731