Paramotor Mactwist!!! Flat Top Powered Paraglider & K2 Recover Perfectly From Insane Manuever!!!


Am 06.11.2011 veröffentlicht Paramotor coconut spin recovery. Powered paraglider safest equipment on the market tested to the extreme. Here the 230 lb pilot flying the Flat Top Ninja paramotor with wide weight shift kit installed on a small K2 pulls an extreme maneuver and recovers perfectly without incident. It is days like these when you really start to appreciate just how safe the Flat Top & K2 configuration is. The rock solid stability of the Flat Top paramotor prevented riser twist and the K2 paraglider recovered perfectly!!! Look at that!!!!! If you did something like that on any other setup you could be so screwed that you wouldn’t live to tell about it. ZERO people have ever died to date on WPPGA certified equipment and that is despite the fact all the best and craziest pilots fly the Flat Top. If you want to live, you buy a Flat Top & K2 with a reserve and get SUPER training. It is that simple. For more information on the best and safest equipment in the world just check out or call 800-707-2525 in the USA or 801-631-1731 globally.