Three experienced paragliding pilots, Thomas de Dorlodot, Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco arrive in the Karakoram mountain range in Northern Pakistan aiming to break records. Follow them as they explore the legendary Karakoram Highway, seeking to break the world record for the highest altitude and longest distance Himalayan flight.

Their journey takes them deep into the mountain communities of Pakistan, where Thomas, Horacio and Hernan are welcomed by the local people, invited into a way of life that has existed for centuries. From the ground, these communities guide them and stand in awe as they soar above glorious peaks, the highest concentration of 7,000 meter peaks in the world.

Mixing sheer distance and height with astounding aerobatics the team revels in the freedom that these vast landscapes offer. As they fly cross country surrounded by alpine scenery and reaching distances of over 200km, it becomes apparent that in this remote corner of the world they have found some of the earth’s finest paragliding.
Produced by Search Productions
Directed and shot by Olivier Boonjing
Sound by Thibaut Darscotte
Edited by Olivier Boonjing & Adil Nahjari
*** Audience & Best Adventure Awards at Coupe Icare 2012 ***
*** Best Adventure Award at F.I.A. El Yelmo 2012 ***

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SEARCH Projects


Olivier Boonjing

Director, Cinematographer

AJ Nash


Thibaut Darscotte

Sound Recordist, Editor, Mix