The story and Video of Pilot RODRIGUEZ – OZONE PEOPLE



Published on:
08 Jan 2024

In the late 1990s, one Spanish family changed the entire story of Paragliding.

By pushing the limits of the sport far beyond what we imagined to be possible, they gave us a new vision of paragliding, allowing us to experience free flying through the lens of acrobatic flight.

Los Rodriguez.

“Learn something new every day, that has always been the game” Raul Rodriguez

“Flying for me is many things, it is family because my whole family flies and in a way, I consider all paragliding pilots to be family as well, we are a big family around the world” Felix Rodriguez

“Flying is the ultimate expression of being able to be myself in the air, it is a dream come true everyday” Horacio Llorens

Ozone People is a film series that brings our audience into the flying lives of our friends who find their essence in the air.