Helicopter 2 liner, high aspect ratio competition paraglide wing


Am 06.12.2014 veröffentlicht

Helicopter, sackflug (deepstall) and spin on a high aspect ratio competition wing with a two line design – Aircross Ultima 6-S with a TOW of 95Kg, 8.0 AR. This wing was designed for open class competitions in 2011. After trying the first parachutal stall the wing seemed very stable and promising for helicopters. After reviewing the video from the deepstall it was all set for trying the heli next day. U6 fro Aircross is one of the highest aspect ratio 2 line wings ever built along with Ozone BBHPP, Up Edge XR along the hybrid 3 liner Boomerand 7 from GIN or Icepeak 4 from Niviuk sporting 8,0 or more AR. More info on the wing: http://para2000.org/wings/aircross/ul… http://www.aircross.eu/net/aircross-p…