Powered Paragliding – FAQ’s about Paramotoring


Am 28.10.2016 veröffentlicht

On this flight, I pass by a quarry and talk about questions that I get asked all the time about paramotoring. Enjoy! 2:12 – How long can you stay up in the air? 2:54 – How much does the paramotor weigh? 3:11 – What happens if the motor quits in flight? 3:39 – How high can you go? 4:34 – How safe is it? 5:16 – What kind of fuel/oil do you use? 5:45 – How do you steer? 6:15 – Does it get cold up in the air? 6:47 – How fast can you go? 8:18 – Where can you take-off? PPG Equipment: Fresh Breeze Simonini 122, Titanium cage Paramania Revo 2, 26m Camera and Audio Equipment: GoPro Hero 2 GoPro Hero 3 Silver Sena SMH10 Wireless Bluetooth Intercom System Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVt… PPGFlyr