Paragliding Tutorial 02: Ground Handling


Am 30.09.2017 veröffentlicht

Here are some Ground handling tips for improving your Paragliding skills. Remember guys Ground handling is a very important part of paragliding as you are on the ground learning about your glider and improving your skill and staying safe. Hope you will find this video useful. If you have any question just put it in comments and i will try to respond as soon as possible. 0:18 Tip 1 Alpine launch 3:13 Tip 2 Reverse launch 4:34 Tip 3 Killing wing using Brakes or D,C 5:16 Tip 4 Demonstration of collapsing wing 7:04 Tip 5 GH Technic with brakes on 7:56 Tip 6 GH Technic free hands 10:09 Tip 7 GH position yourself to the wind and site assessment 11:42 Tip 8 GH in strong condition 13:32 Tip 9 Improving GH eyes closed 15:02 Tip 10 Cobra launch 18:14 Tip 11 Ling down 21:22 Tip 12 Stay calm 23:50 Tip 13 Best wind for beg. 24:53 Recapitulation of GH 26:53 Tip 14 Using Front and Back risers for GH 31:46 Bonus Behind the scenes