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Paramotor Mactwist!!! Flat Top Powered Paraglider & K2 Recover Perfectly From Insane Manuever!!!

Dell Schanze Am 06.11.2011 veröffentlicht Paramotor coconut spin recovery. Powered paraglider safest equipment on the market tested to the extreme. Here the 230 lb pilot flying the Flat Top Ninja paramotor with wide weight shift kit installed on a small K2 pulls an extreme maneuver and recovers perfectly without incident. It is days like… Read more »

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The Secret of MacTwist

Calin Popa Am 04.05.2010 veröffentlicht MacTwist is now one of the SAFE acro manoevres. It is no longer “an unstable, dangerous and treatcherous twist-and-cravat machine”. I have performed it over 40 times in a row without a single cravat or twist. Anyway, it is very demanding, but , now, RELIABLE! Have fun MacTwisting, in FULL… Read more »