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SIV course with Pal Takats. Full stall, backfly. Paragliding Lake Garda, Italy. Ozone Rush 4.

tineove Am 10.12.2015 veröffentlicht Full stall to back fly at Lake Garda. Instructed by Pal Takats. My absolute best controlled full stall 🙂 Kategorie Sport

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Full Stall Backfly (Video Analysis) | Max Martini

Am 10.04.2018 veröffentlicht †Jesus Christ is King† » »Instagram @Max.ini Wings: U-turn RedOut 19 and Speedmaster2 Rocket (12 m2) Harness: Supair Acro3, U-turn Spirit Camera: Gopro Hero 5, Canon T5i 18-55mm and 55-250 kit lenses Business » Kategorie Sport