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Wing Walker Jumps from Airplane – Wing Walking Stunts in 4K!

devinsupertramp Am 21.03.2017 veröffentlicht Stunt planes pull off INSANE stunts while someone is walking on the wings! Check out the BTS here: https://youtu.be/R6txXdbHH_c SUPER thanks to Subaru for making this dream project a reality! As you can see I really have been a huge fan of Subaru since I was a kid, if you want… Read more »

paragliding acro basics training helicopter – Octane 2

Christoph Petzinger Am 26.12.2018 veröffentlicht Collected all my 4K materials from the end of summer training session with my Ozone Octane 2 22 in Kössen (Austria). Cleaning up the video archive 😀 Kategorie Menschen & Blogs

Magic of Paragliding 4k 60fps – Part 1

Area28 by Gunter Kiphard Am 30.10.2017 veröffentlicht Now with the Gopro 6 my dream came true, to record with an actioncam in 4k (60 fps) while Paragliding. It is beyond compare what I’ve seen before. Video with awesome shots from one of the most beautiful Paragliding areas with English and German comment. Further Videos in… Read more »